Bad Brass Sauce - Premium Case Lube
Premium Case Resizing Lubricant



There are many types of reloaders and many stages of the reloading hobby. Most start into reloading to save money. Very quickly you discover you are not saving money, you just shoot more. But your skills improve. Soon thereafter, you realize you can produce significantly higher quality rifle ammunition than factory ammo by tuning loads to your barrel and chamber. You start spending even more money on the latest digital powder throwers, the best dies money can buy, thousands of bullets, dozens of pounds of gun powder and you quickly realize you are in too deep… You can’t get out now…

You finally have that perfect load developed. You are shooting 1/4 MOA after annealing and turning every neck, running a mandrel die, weighing bullets and sorting by case volume. You are ready for the competition, the hunt or the trip, just need that late night loading session. You fire up your reloading bench, grab your once fired brass, pull the handle and…STUCK CASE.

You used someone else’s sauce. Should have used Bad Brass Sauce.

Bad Brass Sauce is an non-aerosol, alcohol carrier based, environmental friendly case lube featuring a proprietary blended lube. It applies easy and dries rapidly. Anyone can get it close, only Bad Brass Sauce can get it right.